How to Know What Your Clients or Customers Think Before Launching Your Next Freebie, Product, Service, Course, or Offer

Do you want to know what your clients or customers think before diving into hard-working hours creating something new? Do you want to see if they’re interested in what you’re offering before you even begin? Do you want to know what they NEED and understand the real problems?

If so, then this is the guide for you!

In The Ultimate Guide to Market Research, I walk you through two methods of market research: one that’s quick and easy (and free!) and another that will allow you to really get into the minds of your potential clients or customers. I’ll also go over how to ask questions that will give you valuable information about what problems people are struggling with or think of your business.

I’ll also tell you who should be involved in completing your market research — so that all of the information gathered is as accurate as possible.

At the end of this guide, You’ll have all of this information to help launch your offer, freebie, product, or service and course and grow your business by increasing client satisfaction, conversion rates, and profits for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research


The Ultimate Guide to Market Research for Women-Owned Businesses that want to know what their client or customer really need

The Perfect guide before launching your next Freebies, Products, Services, Courses, and Offers

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research

You'll Learn:


"Read through the guide. Really helpful and sparked ideas of how to move forward." Bethany Dunlap Yoga
Bethany Dunlap
Bethany Dunlap Yoga

What To Expect Inside The Ultimate Guide to Market Reseach

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research


Don't Waste Anymore Time On Assumptions

Start understanding what Your Clients & Customers really need.


Can I use this for my business?

Service or product-based businesses can use The Ultimate Guide to Market Research.

Are the 20 Epic questions in the guide for business owners?

The 20 Epic questions are for your market research questions.

I'm a new business owner. Will this work for me?

Yes, this will work for a brand new business owner who wants to learn more about their target audience’s needs.

Is the guide available immediately?

The guide is available immediately to download in your inbox after purchase. 

Are you ready to understand what is the real problem with your target audience and provide better problem-solving that leads to business growth?

The Ultimate Guide to Market Research

  • Two methods of market research
  • Social Media Conversation Scripts
  • Social Media Stories and Post ideas
  • Email Scripts
  • What is market research?
  • Who is your market research for?
  • What questions should you ask in your market research?
  • Who should you send your market research to?
  • Dissecting the Data
  • Analyzing the Data
  • How to take action